Volume License Agreement National Instruments

You can only use the volume license file and run VLM on the computer from which the computer ID was generated. Using the computer ID as a key ensures that the volume license file cannot be copied and used on another server. Use neither Volume License Manager (NI VLM) to manage and manage your National Instruments software licenses. NI respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. NI software is protected by copyright and other laws. If NI software can be used to reproduce software or other materials, you can only use NI software to reproduce materials that you are allowed to reproduce under the terms of a license or other legal restrictions. To learn more about the program or to request a volume license offer tailored to your organization, please visit http://www.ni.com/vlp or contact NI with one of the following methods. PERPETUAL LICENSE Most of our application software is sold with a permanent license, which means that the version of the software you buy will never stop working. Even if you don`t subscribe to our service software, your software will continue to work with the version you`ve ally installed.

The following resources can also be useful when you start using your volume license. NI offers different licensing options to meet your needs, from application development to system availability and debugging. This article contains definitions of the terms of the NI Licensing Directive. All definitions are subject to the provisions of the standard licensing agreement. This agreement can be reached online at ni.com/legal/license. Contact NI Support or your local agency if you have any questions or if you need additional assistance to find out which licensing options are best for your business. License administrators can use the NI Volume License Manager (VLM) tool to report, analyze and optimize the use of the software in your business. You can easily track and reallocate unused licenses, for example.

B to avoid losses when changing staff roles. You can only manage one volume license file at a time in NI VLM. If you need to merge multiple volume licensing agreements, send [email protected] to get a single license file. LICENCE OF ABONNEMENT The selected software products are offered as a subscription license. The subscription software contains the same practical benefits of our permanent software, except that the feature expires.