What Is Membership Agreement Meaning

If your membership is interrupted in accordance with paragraph 19.1 or 19.2 or suspended in accordance with paragraph 19.3, your access to the platform may be interrupted when you no longer have an investment in the “Portfolio” section of the platform or companies mentioned in the “Mein Fundraise” section. Self-certification is done if you confirm the electronic box on the platform: “I confirm that I am [an everyday investor] [a savvy investor] [a high-level investor] (if any) (self-certification checkbox”). If, during the period of your membership, you are informed of the circumstances that lead you to fall into a category of self-certification different from the one you chose when you joined, you must inform us of this change in accordance with the notification procedure provided for in paragraph 29. In order to avoid any doubt, all members must fill in the self-certification box, even if they only want to act as entrepreneurs at the time of joining the platform. 2.6 This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties. An amendment to this agreement is agreed only in writing between the parties or in accordance with item 2.4 of this agreement. Note the requirements you ask your members and indicate the nature of the activities considered to be contrary to the agreement. For example, compliance with all published rules, non-violation of copyrighted material or proprietary information, sending of other members, or non-attribution of membership to others. Count the consequences if one of the requirements is breached, including a tax or termination of membership. 3.1 The first membership period is 12 months from the date the application is accepted by the IEL and, in the case of each subsequent membership period, a 12-month period from the date of the renewal of membership (the anniversary of the adoption of the application by the EIEL) (a “membership period”).

In the event that a member who has paid several months of dues and whose temporary application for membership has not been maintained within the current membership period, has reimbursed members` dues for the months that have not yet expired. A tax is deducted from the refund. You become a member of the platform and will remain so, unless your membership is terminated or suspended in accordance with paragraph 19. Our commitments to you are defined in this agreement and platform agreements. Suppliers, accommodations, cruises, excursions and other benefits of the membership plan are all separate and different legal entities. None of these organizations is an agent or staff member of the membership plan. Each member undertakes and agrees to exempt and compensate the affiliation plan for any loss, liability or damage of any kind, resulting from the acquisition of membership plan affiliation, the use of the benefits of the membership plan or the use of accommodation, transportation, cruises or other services related to the use or participation of a member in the benefits of the membership plan. , can be created.