Activity Agreement Trafford

For more information, please contact Toni Jackson-Wilde on 0161 911 8600 or e-mail 3. In recent years, investments by businesses in the Carrington area have provided considerable employment opportunities for the people of Partington and its surroundings in energy production, storage and distribution, as well as in the chemical industry. More recently, however, these industries have sheded down and, in many cases, closed. Despite the recent development and occupation of The Carrington Business Park in Manchester Road, employment opportunities in the area are not as important as they used to be. Declining employment in the region has left large areas of untapped, dilapidated or contaminated land and a degraded environment. 5. The Commission will endeavour to ensure that these objectives are achieved through one or more legal agreements that will be concluded by the strategic employment developer or developers. The legal agreement (s) provides that, when the building permit is granted, the ownership of the 99.12 Ha land will be transferred to a trust founded by a charitable activity. The Trust will ensure the overall objectives of the rural park, including its detailed long-term management. 8.6 The fundamental objective of the policies and proposals in this chapter of the plan is to facilitate the further modernization and revival of industrial and commercial activity in the District, in order to enable it to maintain its significant contribution to the recovery and growth of the economy of the Greater Manchester area as a whole. For more information on the program`s calculations, please contact Toni Jackson-Wilde on 0161 911 8600 or e-mail / 7. The government is committed to reducing the use of roads for freight and other transportation purposes.

Guidelines in PPG13 – Transport advises local authorities to implement new production and distribution activities at sites well served by passenger and freight infrastructure. The guidelines also recommend monitoring development opportunities that may move goods through the inland waterway system. The establishment of new production and distribution facilities on sites accessible by a good choice of modes of transport is proposed in both the regional planning guidelines for the North West and the local transport plan for Greater Manchester. The Altrincham-Irlam railway line remains part of the national rail network. We strongly advise you to contact the service or activity before using it. This way you can check that all the details are correct and that everything is right for you. The 8.2 Trafford Directory`s non-responsibility has undergone significant and fundamental changes in the quantity and extent of economic activity within the Borough in recent years. Industrial and commercial enterprises of all kinds have had to adapt to rapidly changing technological, economic, demographic and social situations. 8.11 Policies and proposals to promote the development of tourism activities within the borough are presented in part in this chapter and in some proposals in the chapters of the environment, open space and rural landscape.