Milton Keynes Office

IT and Technology Executive Search Recruitment in the Milton Keynes area!

Executive Search Recruitment Services in Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes executive search recruitment office is the heart of our agency where our specialist consultants work not only on finding candidates in the IT industry but also for our DigitalImmersive, and IT candidates. Our head office in Milton Keynes is located near excellent transport links which make it easy for us to stay in close contact with our clients, whether it is a 30 minute train journey into London or a quick jump on the M1 to get a meeting started.

The Milton Keynes TechNET CxO team is based on a specialist consultancy. Each of our consultants is trained in recruitment for specific sectors and roles and where applicable, different languages. We pride ourselves in working with international clients and candidates and we do our best to provide them, as well as our local clients, the best experience and highest quality recruitment process – from face to face briefings and candidate interviews, all the way to specialised technical tests for specific roles.